Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rationalized Painting

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An unsolicited testimonial from Richard Murdock: I've been to Bootcamp, a year ago, and the Tech Course two months ago. Both courses are invaluable to me, for different reasons. I would recommend them to anyone who has the intention to be serious in their career.

For instance, I've met with three gallery owners in the last four months. Each one of them did the same thing. First they looked at my paintings and then they looked at the way I made the panels. The most recent dealer told me he has seen lots of paintings on copper that will not last because the panels weren't made correctly. The first dealer spent quite a while showing me work hanging in the gallery that had problems, from drawing and perspective to badly stretched canvas.

They are also quite interested in the materials I use to paint with, and my knowledge of, and desire to use, the best quality materials also made a good impression. It seems very clear to me that solid working knowledge and expertise is a big component of success. There are people getting away without it, but I don't want to be one of them.

Plus, it is impossible to quantify the importance of the after-hour discussions. Each workshop I attended resulted in my learning critical information that was not part of the workshop. There's no question that these workshops have changed my work, and my approach to my work, completely. I received in value many times what I paid to attend.

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